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BR coach 35296
Scrapped - Sims Metals, Beeston 4/14


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Derby RTC** *** ****Mokie
Derby RTC** *** ****Roger Harris
Derby RTC** *** ****Paul Moseley
Derby RTC** *** ****TONY MASON
Derby RTC** *** ****Mokie
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  • 80211

    12 March 2004 - Andrew Pulfrey

    Its interesting to see the colours that these vans are being painted in because they are darker colours of the old RTC test trains?

  • 80211

    4 October 2006 - SD0853

    in the same way that the HST trailer behind it is painted in it's original colour's , but a tad darker and a different way around ;-)

  • 80211

    16 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    Never heard of a glass carrying support coach before!!

  • 80211

    17 March 2007 - sam burke

    thats coz it isn't. it's a support coach for a glass carrier. are u just going through commenting on EVERY single phot0 on this sight? sam.

  • 80211

    17 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    Not EVERY single photo. No. Seems like you read EVERY comment.

  • 80211

    19 January 2008 - Ben Williams

    Recently painted into Network Rail yellow this van will soon be used as temporary buffer stops in connection with the refurbishment of Derby station with 975482 and 975498.

  • 80211

    19 January 2008 - SD0853

    First outing in it's new NWR yellow should be on the 2nd of February. 975482 and 498 are also being repainted.

  • 80211 & 975498

    2 February 2008 - 97204

    so what's going on with these? why are they parked in the platforms?

  • 80211 & 975498

    2 February 2008 - Ben Williams

    They are being used as temporary bufferstops to protect the workforce during the station refurbishment project. They are currently removing the old roof behind the coaches while trains continue to use the three platforms as bays. However I have been told that they will be removed again by 0500 on monday (positioned late last night - friday) and will probably continue to be used like this for most weekends until the demolition works are finished (presumably in different phased positions as different parts of the old roof are removed.) The whole project is not due to be complete until July 2009.

  • 80211

    2 February 2008 - Ben Williams

    I still ponder why this coach has retained its old postal courier van number (despite two overhauls now) while others are renumbered into 977xxx or 999xxx series! I suspect no one actually has the answer - perhaps its not considered that important to be part of a dedicated number series these days? I guess the same argument applies to the former Gatwick Express coaches that are now in the NR fleet. And the new DBSOs seem to be keeping their old numbers too.

    On the other hand 62482 has been finally renumbered to 999605 after many years running as ultrasonic test coach in its old guise. It all seems a bit haphazard!

  • 80211 & 975498

    3 February 2008 - SD0853

    These coaches will be in or at Derby station every weekend for the next 18 months. I put them here on Friday night. :-D

  • 80211 & 975498

    4 February 2008 - Steve Wright

    So has the Thornaby Breakdown Train {Pool 8611} been disbanded?

  • 80211 & 975498

    4 February 2008 - SD0853

    Seeing as all of these vans have been emptied of everything that they carried and will now be dedicated to this project for the next 18 months, I'd say that's a fair assumption.

  • 80211 & 975498

    4 February 2008 - Peter Cummings

    I think you'll find that Thornaby in general is being disbanded. Like Immingham.

    Like Motherwell.

  • 80211 & 975498

    4 February 2008 - Bill McTavish

    Its a sad case of affairs. But who needs loco depots spread nicely around the country when you can just have one big one in the middle huh? Obviously someone thinks its a good idea.

  • 80211 & 975498

    5 February 2008 - SD0853

    Don't forget all of the men in white vans too.

  • 80211 & 975498

    5 February 2008 - Jon Horswell

    And dont forget Liverpool Allerton. Another depot that is being run down.

  • 80211 & 975498

    14 February 2008 - exTractor Fan

    What is the reason for them being placed there? I just noticed the wheel chocks in place?

  • 80211 & 975498

    14 February 2008 - Ben Williams

    The comments under the other photos will explain!

  • 80211 & 975498

    15 December 2008 - Tony Kunzmann

    Are the grills you see on 975498 , repeated on the other end opposite side as i can't see from any photograph i have seen.

  • 80211 & 975498

    16 December 2008 - SD0853


    The grills are just on one side only. They are air intakes/ventilation for the 110v Gen Set that was fitted to this (and other similar coaches). If you look directly above the vents about 3ft - 4ft higher, you'll see a little black dot/shaddow. That's the Generator's exhaust pipe.

  • 80211 & 975498

    10 April 2009 - Mike Kennard

    These two vehicles are being uses as "protection" to protect staff working on station refurbishment work in half of the station at Derby while the other half remains open. In other words they are being used as mobile "stop blocks" allowing trains to approach the platforms which are only blocked for half of their length. They were both still in such use on 05/04/2009 (noted by MK).

  • 80211

    17 March 2013 - Tom Harwin

    Hi Clive,

    I'm researching this train with a view to modelling it. Do you have anymore pictures of it?