Photo of 80211 at Derby

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  • 80211 - Network Rail Support coach

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  • Derby
  • 2 February 2008
  • © Ben Williams


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  • Ben Williams

    2 February 2008, 20:38:09

    I still ponder why this coach has retained its old postal courier van number (despite two overhauls now) while others are renumbered into 977xxx or 999xxx series! I suspect no one actually has the answer - perhaps its not considered that important to be part of a dedicated number series these days? I guess the same argument applies to the former Gatwick Express coaches that are now in the NR fleet. And the new DBSOs seem to be keeping their old numbers too.

    On the other hand 62482 has been finally renumbered to 999605 after many years running as ultrasonic test coach in its old guise. It all seems a bit haphazard!

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