80211 & 975498

Photo of 80211 & 975498 at Derby

Vehicles in this photo

The following vehicle(s) appear in this photo.

  • 80211 - Network Rail Support coach
  • 975498 - BTU Tool van

Photo details

  • Derby
  • 2 February 2008
  • © Ben Williams


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  • 97204

    2 February 2008, 19:43:51

    so what's going on with these? why are they parked in the platforms?

  • Ben Williams

    2 February 2008, 19:52:36

    They are being used as temporary bufferstops to protect the workforce during the station refurbishment project. They are currently removing the old roof behind the coaches while trains continue to use the three platforms as bays. However I have been told that they will be removed again by 0500 on monday (positioned late last night - friday) and will probably continue to be used like this for most weekends until the demolition works are finished (presumably in different phased positions as different parts of the old roof are removed.) The whole project is not due to be complete until July 2009.

  • Steve Wright

    4 February 2008, 16:48:37

    So has the Thornaby Breakdown Train {Pool 8611} been disbanded?

  • SD0853

    4 February 2008, 18:20:17

    Seeing as all of these vans have been emptied of everything that they carried and will now be dedicated to this project for the next 18 months, I'd say that's a fair assumption.

  • Peter Cummings

    4 February 2008, 19:55:23

    I think you'll find that Thornaby in general is being disbanded. Like Immingham.

    Like Motherwell.

  • Bill McTavish

    4 February 2008, 20:23:09

    Its a sad case of affairs. But who needs loco depots spread nicely around the country when you can just have one big one in the middle huh? Obviously someone thinks its a good idea.

  • SD0853

    5 February 2008, 16:31:41

    Don't forget all of the men in white vans too.

  • Jon Horswell

    5 February 2008, 19:40:44

    And dont forget Liverpool Allerton. Another depot that is being run down.

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