80211 & 975498

Photo of 80211 & 975498 at Derby

Vehicles in this photo

The following vehicle(s) appear in this photo.

  • 80211 - Network Rail Support coach
  • 975498 - BTU Tool van

Photo details

  • Derby
  • 2 February 2008
  • © Ben Williams


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  • SD0853

    3 February 2008, 19:47:01

    These coaches will be in or at Derby station every weekend for the next 18 months. I put them here on Friday night. :-D

  • exTractor Fan

    14 February 2008, 18:37:29

    What is the reason for them being placed there? I just noticed the wheel chocks in place?

  • Ben Williams

    14 February 2008, 19:22:52

    The comments under the other photos will explain!

  • Tony Kunzmann

    15 December 2008, 19:49:10

    Are the grills you see on 975498 , repeated on the other end opposite side as i can't see from any photograph i have seen.

  • SD0853

    16 December 2008, 09:13:46


    The grills are just on one side only. They are air intakes/ventilation for the 110v Gen Set that was fitted to this (and other similar coaches). If you look directly above the vents about 3ft - 4ft higher, you'll see a little black dot/shaddow. That's the Generator's exhaust pipe.

  • Mike Kennard

    10 April 2009, 21:46:26

    These two vehicles are being uses as "protection" to protect staff working on station refurbishment work in half of the station at Derby while the other half remains open. In other words they are being used as mobile "stop blocks" allowing trains to approach the platforms which are only blocked for half of their length. They were both still in such use on 05/04/2009 (noted by MK).

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