Photo of 999550 at Derby Loco Works

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  • 999550 - Network Rail High Speed Track Recording Train coach

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  • Ben Williams

    23 June 2006, 18:58:28

    An interesting photo here from Keith which proves this coach has been around quite a while now!

  • ian saunders

    24 June 2006, 15:42:57

    where the doors painted yellow as well as the ends at this point in the coaches life

  • Andrew Royle

    30 September 2006, 09:54:12

    It would be nice to see pictures of it in service coupled onto the rear of an Inter City working of the period.

    Am writing this on the vehicle itself (in transit to a recording run of the S&C with 37608/10)

  • SD0853

    13 February 2007, 16:54:13

    This coach has recently lost it's "New Measurement Train" branding as it is no longer used in the formation of the NMT

  • Dave Carson

    13 February 2007, 23:10:15

    I was on it over 20+years ago when we used it on the London Underground - sandwiched between Hastings power cars and ran up to Parsons Green on the District Line from Wimbledon and later sandwiched between 2 LT battery locos on the District & Circle Lines.

    It was the prototype of our own TRC 666 (DB 999666).

  • Jon Horswell

    16 March 2007, 23:05:21

    Am I right in thinking that this was the last Mk.2 to be constructed.

  • ian saunders

    20 March 2007, 22:56:21

    it is shown in the mk2 book as the last proper mk2 shell built however some more vehicles were built for other countries of similar designs

  • Phil Scott

    10 April 2007, 14:25:37

    What was the lot number of this vehicle? It's not mentioned in the 2006 Platform 5 book.

  • Robert Chilton

    10 April 2007, 22:21:19

    I have looked in a couple of Departmental stock books, neither of which give a diagram or lot number. One quotes DB999550 as being 'The last BR Mark 2 vehicle to be built' and the other says 'The Mk.2F production run of the 1970s TSO/FO vehicles was extended by one vehicle body, enabling a purpose built track recording vehicle to be constructed'. It is not explicit as to whether it would have been a TSO or a FO - the final TSO was no. 6184 built to dia. AC211, lot 30874, Derby 1975, the final FO was no. 3439 built to dia. AD107, lot 30873, Derby 1975, so probably one of these lots, even though one full-size window was replaced by a half-sized one on both sides at the time of cronstruction.

  • ian saunders

    12 April 2007, 15:10:46

    If you look in the book British Rail Mark 2 Coaches by Michael Harris the hstrc gets 2 and a half pages in which it says that it was actually built on a lot number in the frieght series despite it being tagged onto the end of the mk2f production run , it also says that it was built on b5 bogies and was designed to cover and record over 80000 miles per year. The book also gives a brief desciption of the fittings inside the vehicle.

  • rob

    25 March 2008, 10:05:50

    currently in formation

    loco (37608)





    loco (37611)

  • Simon Howard

    28 March 2013, 21:21:09

    Can anybody tell me what was written on the ends of coach as I am making a model and can't find any info about the markings in the end of it.

    Thanks for any help

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