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  • 977974 - Network Rail Track Inspection Coach 2 "TIC2"

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  • Luke Calladine

    14 July 2007, 18:28:43

    Can anyone confirm that these vechiles have been moved to the RTC site in derby ?

  • SD0853

    14 July 2007, 19:44:28

    They've been there for a couple of weeks now. They might even be getting an outing on the mainline soon.

  • Luke Calladine

    15 July 2007, 20:57:55

    Thank you for the reply. Is the hybrid HST concept about to be tested on the mainline then or are the coaches about to be used for another duty.

  • Ben Williams

    1 October 2009, 08:38:50

    Out and about on 29th Sept apparently - first time out of Derby in a while?

    "97304/977974/97302 Working 5Z97 1522 Derby RTC - Sutton Bridge Jn pass 1637"

  • SD0853

    1 October 2009, 17:46:47

    This coach has been returned to loco hauled spec as opposed to being a HST trailer car.

  • J6 man

    4 April 2011, 09:27:42

    now in use as ERTMS lab coach

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