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BR coach 5854

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977xxx series
Test Trains - Network Rail


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Cambridge** *** ****Obar123
Mexborough** *** ****David Bellamy
Doncaster CHS** *** ****Peter David Bester
York Holgate Sidings2024-03-07Paul Walter Bartlett
York Works2024-03-07Paul Walter Bartlett, Paul Walter Bartlett

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  • 977974

    7 June 2003 - Andrew Royle

    This is Lab 5, used by AEA Technology for testing purposes.

  • 977974

    10 February 2004 - Tom Walker

    Part of departmental HST commonly known as 'yellow banana'.

  • 977974

    10 February 2004 - Tom Walker

    An interesting comparison can be made with this coach (a mk2) and the Mk3 behind it.

  • 977974

    3 October 2006 - Andrew Royle

    Currently stored out of use at RTC.

  • 977974

    9 May 2007 - Tom Alexander

    This coach is now back in action as part of the new Hitachi hybrid HST. This is an HST that has a huge battery pack in one coach to run on. Currently testing on the Great Central Railway.

  • 977974

    11 May 2007 - SD0853

    The battery pack is only to get the train moving for the first few miles, the train isn't completely battery powered.

  • 977974

    14 July 2007 - Luke Calladine

    Can anyone confirm that these vechiles have been moved to the RTC site in derby ?

  • 977974

    14 July 2007 - SD0853

    They've been there for a couple of weeks now. They might even be getting an outing on the mainline soon.

  • 977974

    15 July 2007 - Luke Calladine

    Thank you for the reply. Is the hybrid HST concept about to be tested on the mainline then or are the coaches about to be used for another duty.

  • 977974

    26 September 2008 - Napster

    This vehicle has been converted for use on the ERTMS project. It will be used with the class 97/3 locos. Currently it sits at Derby RTC waiting the project to get to the stage where it is needed.

  • 977974

    1 October 2009 - Ben Williams

    Out and about on 29th Sept apparently - first time out of Derby in a while?

    "97304/977974/97302 Working 5Z97 1522 Derby RTC - Sutton Bridge Jn pass 1637"

  • 977974

    1 October 2009 - SD0853

    This coach has been returned to loco hauled spec as opposed to being a HST trailer car.

  • 977974

    4 April 2011 - J6 man

    now in use as ERTMS lab coach