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  • 975984 - Network Rail High Speed Track Recording Train coach

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  • Darren Thomsen

    2 June 2003, 19:00:36

    Does anyone have any info as regards the interior layout of this vehicle as I am currently working on a 4mm scale model and I am finding it difficult to come across any info.Could anyone also supply any info as regards what sort of experiments/tests this vehicle carried out.


  • Iain

    20 May 2004, 21:46:27

    I think (judging by the blocks fixed to the sides and ends) that this is one of the vehicles used to test clearances between trains and structures by the simple method of seeing if any of the blocks get knocked off... This process is a bit lo-tech, replaced by laser measurement and computer modelling.

  • Dave Coxon

    15 October 2008, 21:24:21

    This was originally part of the prototype HST (originally numbered E10000 then W40000), then it was converted into R&DD Lab Coach 15 'Argus' as seen here. It appears here to be fitted with polystyrene for a gauging test but would be used on any number of different tests in the course of its use by R&DD.

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