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ADS70129 / S1019S
Reduced to underframe at Bluebell Railway 6/11. U/f moved to Isle of Wight Steam Railway 1/12

Preservation location:
Isle of Wight Steam Railway
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DS series
IU 08xxxx series
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Bluebell Railway** *** ****Andrew Crisp
Isle Of Wight Steam Railway** *** ****Ben Williams
Isle Of Wight Steam Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
Bluebell Railway - Horsted Keynes** *** ****Ben Williams, Ben Williams
Bluebell Railway2008-11-22Andrew Jenkins, Andrew Jenkins
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  • ADS 70129

    12 April 2008 - Martin Weeks

    Is this the vehicle marked 'Selhurst BTU' now parked (April 08) alongside Horsted Keynes Station??

  • ADS 70129

    13 April 2008 - John Silverthorne

    It is indeed 083607 (DS70129). Does not appear on Bluebell Stock List as intention is to dismantle for parts due to rotten body.

  • ADS 70129

    16 July 2010 - David Flatman

    Does anyone know the history of this vehicle from conversion from 1019 to DS 70129 in 1962? (Maunsell SR Steam Carriage Stock / Oakwood)

    When was it converted 'Internal User' 083607?

    When was it sold to Bluebell?

    Why have Bluebell not included in their Carriage Register when other vehicle to be used for parts have been included?

  • ADS 70129

    17 July 2010 - Andy Prime

    Rumour has it, it is on its way to the Isle of Wight very soon so they can use the underframe for one of their projects.

  • ADS 70129

    13 January 2012 - Nick Felton

    The carriage survey website says that the heavily rotted body has been removed at the Bluebell and the underframe transported to the Isle of Wight.