l to r - 024478, 023215, 999010, 189972, 023204

Photo of l to r - 024478, 023215, 999010, 189972, 023204 at Machynlleth

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l to r - 024478, 023215, 999010, 189972, 023204.

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  • Ben

    13 April 2003, 19:48:11

    Although the ID of these 5 wagons is known - the order in this photo isn't clear. With help from Simon we reckon from right to left they would be:

    023204 or 023215, DM189972, 024478 or ADB999010, 023204 or 023215, 024478 or ADB999010.

    Any other thoughts would be welcome!

  • Brian Cuttell

    2 June 2003, 23:04:19

    The one on the far left in Shell/BP livery is 024478. Its IU number was painted on it about halfway along above the frame (where the ladder is).

    Unfortunately, i didn't positively identify any of the others in the photo but there is a possibility that some of them (or just the underframes?) went to the Cambrian Railway Society at Oswestry. I haven't been that way for several years so i can't confirm it personally.

  • Andrew Rudd

    4 September 2004, 22:20:44

    at the cambrian railways society at oswestry we have two ex-BP tankers and one really old riveted tanker age unknown as well as two underframes from which the tanks were removed whilst at machynlleth for the depot fuel point

  • Ben Williams

    10 April 2005, 01:17:00

    So now we can say from right to left we have:

    023204 or 023215, DM189972, ADB999010, 023204 or 023215, 024478

  • Martin Allen

    22 May 2008, 05:34:47

    The tank wagon second from left is DM189972, tender underframe ex-LNWR DX class loco built 1870. When I visited Machynlleth on 7-2-97, it carried no number but was lettered only as "E". Other ex-PO tank wagons present on that day were: "A" (also marked as "Mach No.4"), Livery was black overall; "B" marked as "Mach No.5", colour red oxide; "C" but not lettered as such, but marked as "3", ex-Shell BP in brown livery; "D", unknown number in red oxide livery; "E" as quoted above. 024478 was also present, ex-DB999012, ex-Shell A6255.

  • Ben Williams

    2 January 2009, 22:57:17

    A recent report has observed four tanker wagons at Cambrian Railways Trust Weston Wharf site, Oswestry - two locked inside the shed (as Andrew reports above) as well as another similar one outside. These are thought to have come from Ellesemere Port but IDs are unconfirmed. The fourth one (also outside) is a rivetted tank (also mentioned by Andrew in comment above) which has a "No.5" on it (presumably the same one as seen by Martin.)

    Current thinking is that 023215 & DM189972 were scrapped at Llanilar (with 024507 underframe and 395802) which perhaps makes the Weston Wharf rivetted tank 023204.

    Only spanner in the works is that the tank on the far right carries the letter E (see other photo) - which doesn't tally with Martin's comment above! The saga continues!

  • Ben Williams

    8 January 2009, 14:36:59

    I contacted Martin about his comment above and he replied as follows:

    "You are correct, I got the descriptions transposed re. number 03 which is "E" as you rightly say. It did not have its IU number painted on when I saw it. I have recorded the livery of "C" as being brown and my pics were in colour so that should settle the matter when I find them!

    For the record, I've re-checked my notebook and I have recorded the following:

    7-2-97 Machynlleth


    024507 (Ex. B 932593) IU flat wagon lettered "IU only at Machynlleth"

    D ex. PO tank wagon painted red oxide.

    E tender underframe lettered "LNWR 1870" red oxide livery.

    Fueling point (disconnected siding)

    A lettered "Mach. No.4" anchor mounted tank, Black livery - 024478 Ex. ADB 999052, tare 11.278kg. 32 1/2 ton load. Ex. Shell A6255

    C lettered "Mach. No.3" Ex. Shell BP built 1948 capacity 20,860 litres. Brown livery.

    B lettered "Mach. No.5" pre-group tank wagon (lettered LMS on axleboxes) tare 7.15, red oxide livery."

    We have also recently established that the tank that made it to Llanilar (now scrapped) was the one nearest to the camera here with the letter E (likely to be 023215.) Therefore it is likely the one at Weston Wharf, Oswestry is therefore 023204.

    Martin also has some more photos which he will hopefully send soon. Then I will add these and the recent photos to the website!

  • Ben Williams

    15 January 2009, 10:26:30

    Photos on the site today of each of these vehicles in more detail - thanks to all concerned for their help in getting to the bottom of this one!

    Only slight concern is Andrew's comment above about some underframes also making it to Weston Wharf Oswestry - which could of course be from 999010 or 024478?

  • Steven Jordan

    22 May 2013, 00:41:08

    I have recently purchased a slide of DM023215 taken at Machynlleth in 1973. It was at that date in black livery and lettered Fuel Supplies Officer LM Region Derby DM023215. I can confirm that it is the second vehicle from the left in this piccy, hope this helps!!

  • Ben Williams

    2 June 2013, 19:11:05

    Thanks Steven yes that I think probably completes the line up!

    L to R is therefore

    024478, 023215, 999010, 189972, 023204

    It does however put the cat amongst the pigeons regarding all the other photos of these tanks on the website! And that means that it is 023215 at Weston Wharf not 023204 as previously thought.

  • Ben Williams

    16 June 2016, 08:37:00

    ...and if 023204 and 189972 are the same wagon (I will upload photo soon) we have an ID missing? I may need to go through all this again as it's too complicated!

    Guess the wagon could have been numbered incorrectly..?

  • Ben Williams

    8 September 2018, 08:04:28

    Rare colour photo here


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