Photo of 999801 at West Ealing - Plasser UK

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  • 999801 - Plasser & Theurer EM-SAT RT100 Survey Car

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  • Ben Williams

    1 August 2004, 23:47:23

    A well timed visit saw this vehicle being loaded - it was later taken to MOD Bicester.

  • chris Pugh

    7 September 2006, 19:52:30

    The machine is used for measuring actual track geometry against the design geom. The offsets this produces is then given to a tamper to move the track back to its desine location. It also measures the six foot and has an in built ballast profile scanner. Good Stuff

  • Mick Lawton

    12 September 2006, 16:56:58

    Chris are Network Rail still planning to name this machine "The spirit of Walsall"?

  • Gareth Walters

    28 September 2006, 07:41:11

    When I take over my new posistion at Network Rail in the next few months one of my first tasks will be to arrange for the naming of this machine and I can confirm it will be called "The spirit of Bescot" after the Walsall depot

  • Mark Wilson

    26 November 2006, 20:09:27

    I normally work on the South Machine 999800. But if 999801 does get named the spirit of Walsall i would like to be transferred over. Also the staff and Team leaders on 801 are far superior to the southern team.

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