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  • 999606 - Ultrasonic Test Train coach - UTU4

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  • Matt Sharp

    14 July 2007, 17:04:25

    Are the bogies on this vehicle unique? They vaguely resemble b4 bogies but much heavier, almost akin to the bogies under Class 73 diesel-electrics. Can anybody shed any further light on this? I believe it used to be an EMU vehicle of some nature, does this explain the bogies?

  • SD0853

    14 July 2007, 19:49:11

    Yes Matt, the bogies are heavily modified Mk6 Bogies, similar to bogies that can be found under 4 VEP's and Class 73's, plus loads of other Southern Region EMU's that I can't remember. The Wheelsets still have there driving gears present.

  • Matt Sharp

    14 July 2007, 23:38:17

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

  • Robert Burch

    16 August 2010, 09:12:07

    The coach was from the 4-CIG/BIG fleet on the SR. The bogies were motorised with 2 x EE507 traction motors each. The other vehicles 999602 & 5 also have the same type of Mk6 SR power bogies since these were from 4 REP units. Certain other SR units featured the Mk6 bogie including the 4 BEP units modified at swindon. Heavy duty and good runners.

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