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  • 999602 - Ultrasonic Test Train coach - UTU3

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  • Anthony

    26 July 2004, 19:30:47

    Can anyone tell me what this coach started life as please? It looks suspiciously like a former Bournemouth line 4-REP EMU motor coach, and if so would be interested in any more pics/info that anyone can provide.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Robert Burch

    1 September 2004, 01:37:25

    This coach was part of 4 Rep unit 3015/2015 taken out of service in preparation for the forthcoming 442 units. The electric motors were taken away along with the control gear and sent to Derby for refurbishment ready for the first 442. This Rep Motor coach (S62483) along with its partner (S62482) were the very last mk1 vehicle to be built.

    If this coach has been scrapped then its partner ought to be saved when its time comes to retire. There are no examples of this stock preserved at all - these motor coaches - the most powerful and most reliable of any such units built!

    I have a full set of colour photos of all the Reps in various stages from full running to their last hours in the dismantling roads at Eastleigh.

  • Kevin G Dancer

    26 June 2005, 10:12:48

    If you view the image of 975538 on this site you will see a partial view of 62482 that was due to become 999603. Its sister pictured above was 62483 converted at Cathays under the MTA project.

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