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  • 99663 - Exhibition coach

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  • Ben Williams

    14 January 2008, 21:11:17

    Anyone know how or where this train was used by Mars? Was it effectively a large, travelling billboard or did they use the train internally for something? I guess having no windows must have made the internal space rather odd in these coaches - were the interiors changed?

  • ian saunders

    14 January 2008, 21:50:40

    I seem to remember that this train also ran with a class 47 which was painted to match this stock, it also had the "Celebrations" logo along the bodysides, I think it was something to do with promoting the chocolates.

  • Peter Cummings

    14 January 2008, 21:59:58

    Seem to recall it was a proper exhibition train, with calls at several major stations.

    Waterloo was the stop in London I think.


  • Bill McTavish

    14 January 2008, 22:09:10

    It was for promoting the chocolates?! Wow you don't say!!! I think Ben was asking about HOW the train was used to do this other than as a billboard...

  • SD0853

    15 January 2008, 14:21:34

    There were lot's of internal modifications carried to the interiors of these coaches so that they could house various marketing gimmicks and displays. 99666 still has most of it's "Cadburys spec interior" painted in a nice shade of purple inside!

  • 37424

    17 January 2008, 14:20:18

    Why would a Mars advertising train have Cadbury interiors?????

  • Ben Williams

    17 January 2008, 14:51:32

    Yes 99666 was only in the Disney rake so this must be Disney spec purple that remains internally!

  • SD0853

    17 January 2008, 19:53:43

    Of course, i'd forgotten about the Disney rake. It's still pretty rancid inside.

  • Jon Horswell

    19 January 2008, 12:25:56

    This must have been the last use of an exhibition train. Yet another chapter on Britains railways that has now closed. Unless anyone knows different?

  • Vince /// OTPnet

    19 January 2008, 12:53:28

    I seem to remember one visiting Manchester back in '02. I can't remember what though. And I think it was in containers on wagons rather than coaches. But hey, it was an exhibition. And a train...


    19 January 2008, 20:31:14

    I have a record from Friday 10-5-02 where 37042 occupied Platform 1 at Piccadilly with " The Siemens Express " exhibition train. It was said to be travelling round the country demonstrating Siemens products. The containers were mounted on FCA wagons - 610217-8-77-8-320-19-254-3-375-6.


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