Photo of 977695 at Rotherham - Booths scrapyard

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  • 977695 - Rail Scrubber van "Swedish Scrubber"

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  • Paul Cheesemore

    10 February 2009, 17:57:18

    Wasn't this nicknamed the "Swedish Scrubber"?

  • kev smith

    10 February 2009, 19:21:57

    The vehicle indeed is the swedish scrubber - a test carried by them clever bods of Network southeast's clever solutions department at Kings cross.

    the equipment being swedish and it scrubbing the rails clean of leaf mulch,

    it was a long time ago

    I am sure one of the old Network Southeast T&RS team members will shed more light on this

  • Jon Horswell

    10 February 2009, 21:20:01

    I heard from someone who worked on this vehicle during tests that it was a very good piece of kit, both effective and reliable. However, like so much it was taken to a higher level for authorisation but was not taken any further due to grounds of cost.

  • SD0853

    12 February 2009, 11:47:38

    It was good apparently, but it's demise due to cost is probably true as it had to have a dedicated loco that was modified with the scrubbers control equipment in it's cab. This "dedicated loco" was 33 102. When 33 102 was preserved at the Churnet Valley Railway (back in 1997) it still had these modifications/attachments in the shape of a large "J" shaped conduit fitted to the front of the loco (to accomodate something) and a "Blue" button on the drivers desk at each driving position. If anyone has anymore info i'd be interestedd in reading about these trials.

  • Simon Bendall

    12 February 2009, 22:26:59

    There's a photo in the Michael Welch 'Southern DEMUs' book showing 977695 formed in set 1067 dated Nov 92, maybe this was a way round a dedicated loco?

    Can quite clearly remember seeing 977695 on test just after delivery with 33102, accompanied by Lab 11, the Trib van, Lab 23 and two 4TC vehicles to give push-pull operation.

  • SD0853

    13 February 2009, 12:28:59

    It was through wired for multi working, so you're quite correct.

  • kev smith

    17 February 2009, 05:37:39

    having worked with "mike" welch, many many moons agi, he is a very knowledgeable man on southern kit, an ex southern maintrol boy, one of the experts in southern history & riolling stock

    a lovely bloke for the record and i hope he is well

  • Dave Kirwin

    6 March 2009, 17:20:12

    This used to be parked up in Eastleigh yard.

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