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  • Ben Williams

    24 June 2005, 08:31:41

    This was scrapped at Hoo Jcn but I don't have a date for its disposal - if anyone knows when it was cut please let me know!

  • John Silverthorne

    14 August 2005, 19:17:54

    This van noted as a grounded body at Hoo Jcn 14th June 1993 according to my notes. From memory was in derelict condition and OOU, body almost certainly broken up shortly after this date.

  • Mike Porter

    15 September 2005, 12:36:30

    Looks as though this CCT was not broken up in 1993.

    Peter Hall noted it at Hoo junction in 2002.

  • Andy Prime

    30 August 2007, 17:30:20

    Noted as a grounded body on 31/05/1987 and in fairly reasonable condition.

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