Photo of 975881 at York Leeman Road

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  • 975881 - CE Instruction coach

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  • Chris Thorn

    17 March 2011, 18:48:40

    How did this one slip through the net as late as 1989??

    Shame looks very original externally.

  • paul

    18 March 2011, 10:29:48

    I may be totally wrong with this train of thought, but believe that this one and 975882 were originally Thompson Buffet Cars E 1705 E and E 1706 E which survived to see Blue/Grey livery along with the last Remaining Gresley Buffets, and were all withdrawn from capital stock around the same time. Vaguely recall reading something that one of the two was preserved and the other sacrificed for bits to make one complete one, as their was insufficient of the original bits to preserve both.

  • Dave Cullingworth (LNERCA)

    25 March 2011, 18:50:56

    Not sure about 1 being stripped to restore the other - both had been rebuilt with formica interiors and no original fittings left. Both had blue asbestos under the floor (as were all carriages built for 1948 Flying Scotsman set). The LNERCA nearly bid for this vehicle but asbestos removal costs were prohibitive for us at that time. This one was E1705 I think.

    Happily sister vehicle E1706 (don't know the departmental number) survived and has been restored to near original condition at the Llangollen:


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