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  • 975734 - OHLM Stores & Roof Access coach

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  • Preston
  • 15 September 2007
  • © Antony Christie


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  • Tony Kunzmann

    27 June 2009, 17:06:53

    Why is this called a roof access coach? Does this coach have some sort of "hatch" in the roof to gain access from inside the coach? All the other coaches appear to have roof access via the end ladders. Any help or photos of the roofs of the coaches would be great.

    Cheers Tony.

  • Rob Morel

    28 June 2009, 12:41:08

    The roof access coaches have an internal staircase (similar to what you would have in your house but wider) that leads to a slide back section on the roof.

    All of the ohlm coaches had end ladders (metal) but some of these had swing away guards to stop accidental use under live wires.

    One set (maybe more) also had fall arrest equipment installed on the roof sides to catch anyone unlucky enough to fall or venture to near the edge.

  • Tony Kunzmann

    30 June 2009, 11:18:09

    Thanks for that.

    Cheers Tony.

  • Rob

    30 June 2009, 21:47:24

    The Romford OHL set even had a "Bouncy Castle" as a saftey measure. It was a blow up set of side skirts that ran the full length of the train that would catch anyone who fell off the side of the train. The only problem was it had to be deflated each time it needed to pass a lineside structure!

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