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  • 975724 - OHLM Generator & Stores coach

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  • Preston
  • 15 September 2007
  • © Antony Christie


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  • Tony Kunzmann

    15 July 2009, 14:16:10

    Does anyone know what the "Posts" are along the roof with the wire attached? Do they run along the centre of the coach?. These must be a hazard as you walk along the roof! Looking at the other coaches in this set some others have them, although later pictures of them they appear not to be there. Have they been removed? I am attempting to model 6 coaches - 975699 / 700/ 714 / 724 / 734/ & 744, in the latest guise. Any help on the roofs on the individual coaches would be a great help.

    Cheers Tony.

  • Splosh

    15 July 2009, 16:24:06

    I can't remember the correct name for them, but they are for clipping the 'anti-fall off the roof' harnesses to! Basically, a wire connects you to the coach, so you can move along the coach roof, but not too far.

  • Dave Carson - Rail Audit Services Ltd

    15 July 2009, 20:35:12

    You mean 'Fall arrest syatems'? You wear a harness with a lanyard that clips to the 'lifeline' running along the coach roofs. Should you slip, trip or fall along the coach, the lanyard will keep you in check. Should you fall over the side of the coach the harness and lanyard will tighten up and limit your fall, but you need to be back upright inside 90 seconds as falling and the sudden interia stop may induce traumatic shock.

    Reported elsewhere on this site, the Romford OHLE wiring train had inflatable pockets along the sides acting like a 'bouncy castle' and that was the problem, not only could they catch someone falling, but could even eject them as well!

    Dave Carson

    Director - Rail Audit Services Ltd

  • Tony Kunzmann

    16 July 2009, 17:54:48

    Thanks for the answer on that one. It makes sense to have them, but i bet you can trip over the actual wire quite easily!

    Cheers Tony.

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