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  • 975708 - OHLM Pantograph coach

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  • Jay Ayres

    27 December 2003, 01:50:25

    The old OHLM set that was rusting away in the "middle long" was towed away during the hot summer of 2003!!!. To ???? all i know is that it was made fit to travel by RAIL and was hauled to Willesden by a class 66!! At one point the set was set to be cut up on site due to the axle boxes not being fit for travel!!. Does anyone know how long the set was at Bletchley, i think that it must be very close to ten years.

  • Ben

    28 December 2003, 09:42:05

    The set was indeed there a long time - if you look at the sightings for this particular vehicle you will see that it was seen at Bletchley in 1997 but may have been there before that too. The set was towed from here to Tees yard for scrapping (see article in the News section)

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