Photo of 975699 at Preston

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  • 975699 - OHLM Pantograph coach

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  • Preston
  • 15 November 2008
  • © Brian Stanway


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  • Dave Smith

    24 December 2008, 00:09:28

    is this train still used or will it be for the chop next year? Likewise the one at Portobello.... ?

  • Splosh

    26 December 2008, 20:33:40

    Don't know about being chopped - it doesn't get out much, but is still used as a big store by the E&P dept.

  • David Inman

    9 July 2011, 11:57:52

    I worked at that depot in the early 2000's and the bits of trains hanging around vanished and arrived back in the same livery as the one in the photo, only with a Carillion logo in the white part of the blue lower stripe.

    Just before I lift the depot in 2004, the train vanished again for a few weeks and I was told by the yardsman that they "couldn't get it back in the sidings".

    It was used before and after the refurm more as a stores van for the OLE depot who shared the lower end of Corporation St (formerly Dock St)with the P-way who I worked for. It wasn't the tidiest until a clearout was done when GTRM and Centrac both were rebranded under their owners Carillion.

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