Photo of 975698 at Rugby EY

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  • 975698 - OHLM Pantograph coach

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  • Rugby EY
  • 8 May 2003
  • © Bryan Dawes


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  • Ben

    10 May 2003, 12:27:13

    These have now been rebranded with Carillion logos.

  • Ben

    4 June 2003, 11:11:11

    975899 is the drum carrier visible behind and they were both still in this position on May 31st. The rest of this set was later seen at Tring after attending to a problem with the overhead lines, but interestingly these GTRM livery coaches didn't seem to have been rebranded with Carillion logos.

  • Ben

    4 June 2003, 21:34:57

    Having just said that they had both moved by today - June 4th! Presumably back to the OTP depot to rejoin the set?

  • Rob

    22 February 2006, 14:20:06

    The Carillion logos have long since been painted out white. This happened around the time the maintenance organisation were taken back "in house" by Network Rail. Stonebridge Park seem to be the only depot using this OHLM train at the moment but it spends most of it's time stabled at Bletchley

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