Photo of 975025 at Clapham Junction

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  • 975025 - Inspection Saloon - "CAROLINE"

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  • Andrew Rawlins

    15 March 2005, 19:10:53

    Seen this evening along with 33103 at Aberystwyth - apparently the first visit of a 33 to Aberystwyth. It was being used in push-pull mode with the 33 to save a run round at Aberystwyth

  • David Rodger

    17 March 2005, 16:42:47

    Seen at Ludgershall on 6 Mar 05. It was back there today (17 Mar) together with 33103.

  • D1

    26 September 2006, 20:45:26

    noted sporting grafitti on r-h side on 26-09-06

  • Ben Williams

    9 July 2008, 09:55:06

    This end appears to have been modified quite a lot since this photo was taken - the pipework and indicator panel have gone and it has new lights...


  • SD0853

    9 July 2008, 19:41:59

    It's also lost it's Southern Region control system in favor of a Blue star system that will allow more flexible operation with different classes of loco

  • Robert Chilton

    10 July 2008, 16:04:54

    The modifications have only been done in the last couple of months. Does anyone know where the work was done and what became of the indicator panels?

  • Bill McTavish

    10 July 2008, 16:31:44

    Derby at a guess!

  • Dave Shell (NREL, AVRP, OTPPG)

    10 July 2008, 19:16:08

    But isn't this now owned by DRS or WCRC? or am I getting mixed up as per usual?

  • SD0853

    10 July 2008, 19:35:50

    This is owned by Network Rail, the modifications were carried out by Rail Vehicle Engineering Limited.

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