Photo of 97472 at York

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  • 97472 - Test Train Locomotive

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  • York
  • 26 March 1989
  • © Wilson Adams


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  • Chris Warner

    7 January 2010, 15:32:39

    Does anyone know weather this machince had any mods done to it? engine change or anything? and how long it lasted on the BR network???

    i fancy doing a model of it but would like to know what the crack is


    Chris Warner

  • Rich Mackin

    7 January 2010, 19:31:17

    They're unaltered from regular Class 47/4s apart from the addition of Blue Star multiple working (the jumper is just visible in the photo). These locomotives were acquired by the RTC circa 1987, and carried 97/4 numbers until 1989, when they renumbered into the 4797x number series.

  • Rob Morel

    7 January 2010, 20:19:14

    I think this loco was the exception to the rule as it was just a straight renumber from 47 472 to 97 472 to stop other sectors borrowing (pinching) it.

    Just a standard 47/4 but renumbered and the red chevron "RTC" sticker under side cab window. A normal eth fitted "spoon" however

    the others certainly had multi working/ additional jumpers fitted (except 972/973?)

    47971 (97480-47480)

    47972 (97545-47545)

    47973 (97561-47561)

    47974 (47531)

    47975 (47540)

    47976 (47546)

    47981 (47364)

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