Photo of 72612 at Norwich

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  • 72612 - Radio Survey Train coach (formerly classified unit 910002)

Photo details

  • Norwich
  • 12 August 2004
  • © Colin Makcrow


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  • Jon Horswell

    16 March 2007, 23:39:06

    Although classified as unit 910002 (with sister 72613) this set number is not carried. Instead it carries the number 'GTX 2' on the bodysides. The other RST (910001 not carried) carries 'GTX 1'.

  • Tony Rispoli

    5 February 2008, 23:38:31

    No doubt carried due to their GatEx origins. I think I saw this set in Selhurst the other week, funnily enough if it still has its Gatwick-Victoria-Gatwick labels on the doors!

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