DS 70278

Photo of DS 70278 at Chasewater Railway

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  • 70278 - Crane Match wagon for DRT 81342 (crane scrapped at Ashford)

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  • Martin Allen

    21 November 2008, 08:58:41

    From the buffers, it looks like a former "Manta" or "Marlin" type underframe ex-EMU. These conversions were mostly for rail carriers, but a few became crane runners. This wagon could be one of those.

  • peter Cummings

    21 November 2008, 21:59:29

    Indeed so.

    ex 6-Pan EMU TSK 10027. Was runner for 81342 at Hither Green PAD at the time of the 5th ed of the bible. Earlier base for them ( quoted in the Lineside 82/83 DS publication) was New Cross Gate PAD.

  • peter Cummings

    21 November 2008, 22:02:08

    Meant to add - 'quite presentable for 73 years old'

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