DS 70193

Photo of DS 70193 at Bricklayer\'s Arms

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  • 70193 - Crane Match wagon - spare

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  • Bricklayer\'s Arms
  • 10 April 1980
  • © Martin Allen


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  • Martin Allen

    31 December 2009, 12:06:46

    This jib runner was originally paired with crane DRT 81343, but was a "spare" when the photo was taken. Built on the underframe of a Maunsell Third Open coach number S 1399.

    A useful overhead view for modellers, taken from the top of a floodlight tower. The left hand end is where the crane would be coupled. Reading from left to right, there is the coal bunker, jib cradle, space for crane block and lifting tackle, followed by the locker for any spare shackles and slings.

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