Photo of 6347 at Wolverton works

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  • 6347 - HST Barrier coach

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  • chris thorn

    27 March 2005, 21:19:47

    Does anyone know the reason for conversion? All green steelwork is (was) new steelwork.

  • keith falconer

    11 February 2006, 20:38:45

    looks like they were fitting two sets of double doors each side - being integral coaches it maybe wasn't as simple as cutting out the holes for the doors as this would probably weaken the coach structure too much.

    note the mk3 sleeper on the left - is this one of the vehicles converted/ refurbished for danish railways?

  • Jo Coultas

    23 April 2006, 18:55:56

    Not sure if this modification was carried out on behalf of some overseas rail company as a feasability study towards modifying some mk2 coaches. New Zealand springs to mind.

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