DM 45029

Photo of DM 45029 at Motherwell TMD

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  • 45029 - Inspection Saloon

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  • Ben

    12 June 2006, 23:29:45

    This seems to have been here since 1999...

  • Mike Cole

    25 February 2007, 15:37:28

    Does nybody have a floorplan for this vehicle in this livery and also any details of the vent to the right of EWS on the gold band - there is another in a similar position on the other side. I am making a 7mm model

  • Ben Williams

    28 February 2007, 22:19:09

    Apparently this has been "designated" by the Railway Heritage Committee so will presumably have a future in preservation?

  • ian saunders

    2 November 2007, 17:33:02

    the vent in the side is a flu vent for a gas heater by the look of it

  • Ben Williams

    14 October 2008, 14:17:30

    Assume this is still here but any updated sightings would be useful, thanks.

  • Ben Williams

    26 November 2008, 10:26:35

    This has very recently been removed along with the remaining locos. It was there on 15th Nov but not yesterday (25th) Any more news appreciated!

  • SD0853

    27 November 2008, 14:04:13

    Might be at RAMPART C&W in Derby. There's a saloon turned up there in the last week that is being stripped to bear metal for repainting as we speak.

  • Ben Williams

    8 May 2009, 09:24:46

    Apparently there was a "coach" move from Motherwell to West Ruislip recently - assumed to be this saloon but no idea why it has gone here - any more info appreciated! thanks...

  • Dave Kirwin

    13 March 2010, 19:04:30

    Now in Eastleigh stone yard.

  • dick holland

    21 August 2012, 06:42:47

    i am looking for photos of W80976 any one have any?

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