DM 45029

Photo of DM 45029 at Derby Carriage & Wagon works

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  • 45029 - Inspection Saloon

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  • Derby Carriage & Wagon works
  • 13 August 1977
  • © Paul Bartlett


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  • Ben

    24 December 2003, 19:45:41

    This saloon is still (sort of) in service and now in EWS livery but normally resides these days at Motherwell depot...

  • Simon m

    14 July 2010, 06:13:31

    Now owned by London Underground (Railway Magazine Aug 10) - you would have thought it would be cheaper to convert old tube stock but at least it is still in use.

  • kev

    14 July 2010, 10:22:17

    u ever thought they might want a "gm" palace" for specials etc, 1st class or summat

  • Jon Horswell

    14 July 2010, 20:57:01

    Good point Simon. The 'old tube stock' conversion would be much more practical. This is probably for use on the surface lines of the MET as it can't be used much place else.

    Incidentally has anyone spotted the number of this vehicle etched onto the glass of one of it's windows. See if you can find it. It's an unusual touch, but is it unique?

  • Mike Cole

    16 July 2010, 13:50:52

    There are some photos by Carl Watson on of the conversion work underway at Eastleigh

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