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  • 083189 - LNER 12t ventilated van

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  • Andy Prime

    25 September 2007, 16:57:17

    What an interesting vehicle this is, are the sides made of clear plastic then, with a re-inforcing mesh inside ? Does anybody know anything more about it ? I've never seen a see through van before, except when they are badly corroded/dillapidated ones ! Would make a good vehicle to model.

  • Steve Jenkins

    5 October 2007, 14:56:54


    This van and one other were converted from conventional examples to train goods yard staff in the correct methods of loading - clear sides (with protective mesh) allowed trainees to see what the resulting attempt looked like from outside as well as in. I'll see if I can find the original identities of both vehicles in due course.


  • Andy Prime

    19 October 2007, 16:58:02

    By some coincidence I have come across a picture of these vehicles in the Notes and News section of Railway Magazine, October 1956 issue ! They were apparently called 'fishbowl' wagons, the article states:

    "Two standard covered freight vans have been fitted with transparent (perspex) sides in the British Railway works at Faverdale (Darlington) for demonstration purposes; they are known as "fishbowl" wagons. The object is to observe the behaviour of goods in transit so that the best means of stowage may be adopted and precautions taken to avoid damage. The vans are to work for about two months in each of the six regions"

    The illustration photograph shows E284687 and partially the second vehicle E284??? (number cut off) next to it.

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