Photo of 042205 at York Leeman Road

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  • Ben

    1 September 2003, 17:17:45

    These vehicle has recently come up for sale (see News article)

  • Ben

    18 February 2004, 19:37:13

    And was apparently sold to an undisclosed buyer in November 2003...

  • Ben Williams

    23 November 2004, 09:10:00

    It is currently stored at Wishaw in the West Midlands although the buyer / intended location is still unknown.

  • Ben

    26 December 2004, 20:06:34

    The owner is now known and it is understood this is to be converted into a camping coach and then moved to a location which is yet to be finalised.

  • Harold Nicolson

    15 June 2009, 11:29:08


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