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  • Bill Moore

    27 July 2003, 17:48:05

    Whats the guards van next to it?

  • Simon Reeve

    7 June 2004, 23:46:00

    It's currently next to E470818 which looks the same as the one in the picture.

  • Andy Prime

    25 November 2007, 13:19:47

    On 10/11/2007 this vehicle was seen to be inside the NRM workshop.

  • Jon Horswell

    25 November 2007, 21:57:42

    Anybody know the meaning of the wording on the side. I think it reads 'Class 158 TCA store'.??

  • ian saunders

    26 November 2007, 09:53:07

    as this vehicle is in NSE livery I doubt that it reads 158 it would probably read 168, NSE didn't have 158s until about 2 years ago when the ex TPE units went south

  • SD0853

    26 November 2007, 11:42:44

    TCA stands for...TRACK CIRCUIT ACTUATOR, which is like a large arial that is fitted to the bogies of the units so that they can be detected by track circuits (most tampers are fitted with them) , so i'd imagine that this was used to store parts for these fittings

  • Ben Williams

    26 November 2007, 17:45:25

    Its much older than this and therefore I think it says Class 165 but I will have to dig out the original photo...

  • Jon Horswell

    26 November 2007, 20:55:24

    Yeah that sounds about right. It could be referring to the Chiltern Railways fleet of Class 165's that have to run over LUL lines between Harrow and Amersham?

  • ian saunders

    11 April 2009, 00:30:06

    this van was stabled inside the main hall off the railway museum on 04/04/2009 on the rear road leading into the workshop area, it definatly had something to do with 16xxxx units, I think it was 166s

  • Eddie Devall

    11 April 2009, 08:52:16

    My notes for 29-9-02 say - 042188, CL165 TCA Store, Property of NSE. Seen by the ECML at rear of NRM.

  • Nigel Rawlings

    15 May 2011, 17:41:12

    Been reading this thread with interest as I was the employee at Network SouthEast who instigated this departmental vehicle. During the Class 165 build at York we had a requirement to store the TCA (track circuit assister) parts in the works. There were issues in having a building temporarily set up in the works to accommodate this equipment so I opted for the obvious answer, a railway vehicle (since there was no red tape prohibiting a railway vehicle from being sited in a railway works). I had the option of one of two GUVs sitting at Etches Park Derby, 93078 and 93831. My heart told me to select the first production build vehicle 93078 but it's bodwork was in inferior condition to that of 93831 so I chose the latter. 93831 was taken to Neville Hill at Leeds for some repairs prior to forwarding on to York for a repaint in to the livery you see it carrying. The livery and decals incidentally were my own design which, for an enthusiast in his mid 20's, was an exciting thing to do. Deep down I wish I'd opted for 93078, but had no idea at the time that my GUV would land at the NRM. 042188 was quite smart inside with office quarters including a desk and chair, heating and decent lighting, and plenty of storage space for the TCA parts (can't remember whether it had a phone line). Some photos were taken shortly after the repaint and these I will upload as soon as I can.

  • Brianreginald Storey

    9 December 2016, 20:12:56

    NRM York September 2015

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