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  • Brian Cuttell

    20 June 2007, 23:12:51

    This van has turned up at Peak Rail, Rowsley in May 2007 - i saw it there on 26/5/07. It no longer carries its IU number (the van sides are missing) but has '770697' plates on the frame. I was told that it may have come from Derby (confirmation required).

    I last saw it at Doncaster Works where it was used as a 'ZP Resistor Van' at the diesel testing house.

  • Andy Key

    24 July 2011, 19:31:13

    Is a locomotive load bank.

    This vehicle housed two "ZP" form resistor groups built by British Thompson Heuston.

    Each resistor bank can be configured in up to 15 different load settings or steps.

    One ZP bank is capable of anything up to a type 3 but two banks could cope to type 5.

    The load resistors in this vehicle are stood verticle and the roof of the wagon has hatches which have to be raised when it use to let dissapated heat out, see the pic.

    Amongst my collection i have the internal pictures of this very vehicle, i also have a set of origional BTH drawings for the resisitor bank shoiuld anyone want to re build one.

    A very simple but effective piece of kit if used in the right hands.

    Any information as to the location of the inner workings today would be interseting, last time i saw them they were in good condition and still in use.

  • Andrew Martin

    25 July 2011, 22:06:05

    ...and 041619 was ZP Resistor Van No.1

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