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    15 February 2009, 09:57:05

    Oops! somebody has been a little heavy handed.

  • Rob Morel

    15 February 2009, 12:45:24

    Failure of ground staff to proceed movement on foot, staying at the shunt engine end whilst propellig ten ferry vans just lazyness, sometimes they got away with it other times (like this) they didn't.

    The internal use vehicle was used by the outbased T&RS staff to hold stores and had a workbench etc, WEFOC had no loco service facility,no fuel or water point so light repairs made by mainly ex Stratford TMD staff to keep the fleet running

    Fuel for shunt locosbeing obtained from Willesden TMD or Old Oak comon TMD

    Fuel for 47s at Stratford Fuel Point.

    This was not the "first" time 024919 extended its operational limit south.....

    trying to recover it and ensure bogie pivot drops into correct seating not the easiest of jobs, jack pack jack pack jack pack,lunch,jack pack jack pack, attach shunt loco, pull slowly off stops onto bogie,jack pack jack pack,(cup of tea) jack pack,chase groundstaff member length of yard with 18 lacehole boots......

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