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Website revamp & updates


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Posted: 31 October 2018, 15:38:33

Long overdue, but I've been busy over the last week-or-so updating the look of the website to bring it in line with the other two websites. Improvements include:

* re-organised top navigation - it's now a bit less cluttered up there, whilst adding more items to various "drop down" menus.

* mobile website tidy up.

* vehicle profiles now have links back to lists which the vehicle appears in.

* large photographic banners on the lists and vehicle-profile pages.

* some behind the scenes stuff to speed up photo approval and do more regular photo releases.

Whilst working on the photo banners, it was evident that we still have a lot of gaps and/or out-of-date photos. So, if you have any recent photos then please don't hesitate to upload them!

Likewise, some of our preserved data is becoming out-of-date, particularly where vehicles have re-gained their capital stock numbers - this seems to happen a lot, such as old coaches which are put back into passenger use at preserved lines . If you see a preserved vehicle that doesn't carry it's Departmental/IU number then please leave a comment so we can update the details. Ditto liveries etc.

We hope you like these new changes. If you have any feedback, problems or suggestions then please get in touch!


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