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SERCO Rolling Rig

Jon Horswell

Joined: 6 May 2011

Posted: 3 January 2014, 16:02:25

About ten years ago I visited as part of staff training the rolling rig operated by SERCO. It was an Open First MK2F but i cant remeber the life of me which number now. We visited it when it was at MoD Bramley and had several rides. It was all good fun.

Firstly, what happened to this vehicle? I know it moved initially to Hornsey for use there but it was in a cradle without bogies so cant imagine it is around anymore.

Secondly, it could easily be classed as a departmental. Just wondering if this should be on the site or am I opening up a can of wriggly things with this one!!

Robin Morel

Joined: 3 June 2011

Posted: 5 January 2014, 21:59:43

The coach body is still cradle/frame mounted at Hornsey but I understand it may be available for disposal to allow use by a wider audience as its role as evacuation training etc, pics here:


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