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RTC Derby Train Near Wilmslow

Tony Mason

Joined: 12 August 2012

Posted: 25 November 2013, 16:24:39

I was driving near Wilmslow today when an RTC train passed over a bridge just south of Wilmslow at approx. 11.45.

Real Trains shows a RTC Derby to Manchester & back via Crewe around this time but as HST working.

The train comprised of a DRS class 37 yellow stock& a silver/grey Class 67.

Would anyone be able to confirm the departmental stock in this train

Any help appreciated

Tony Mason

michael sawyer

Joined: 3 April 2013

Posted: 10 January 2014, 08:27:24

Hi Tony

Not sure which stock in particular but there is another measurement train formed of hauled stock which supplements the HST and sometimes covers for it when the HST is unservicable.



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