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Crewe Test Train

Richard Thompson

Joined: 24 November 2014

Posted: 27 November 2014, 13:14:28

Hi there I have been directed to this site from RM web as I would like to model the crewe test train. Could any of you tell me what each carriage is and what type of bogies it was running on. It was normally an 8 car formation and I would like to model it in an early 90's guise. also is the paint just military drab olive that has faded to that browny colour or were they painted brown? are the windows plated over or the windows removed and plates put in.

Any information gratefully received.



Robin Morel

Joined: 3 June 2011

Posted: 29 November 2014, 09:39:10

ADB 977449 ADB 977450 examples

Robin Morel

Joined: 3 June 2011

Posted: 29 November 2014, 09:42:17

also see 975051

Richard Thompson

Joined: 24 November 2014

Posted: 1 December 2014, 10:36:18

Im after what kind of carriages they were to start with as I don't know mk 1's? and most of the information below the pictures does not show what they were.

ie. bsk bso etc?

Ben Williams

Website owner

Joined: 1 June 2002

Posted: 1 December 2014, 11:04:01

On 11 Mar 1996 at Dollands Moor and 5 Sept 2000 at Carlisle Upperby I personally observed the Crewe train and both times it only had 7 in the formation, although from memory both times it was parked up in the yards. I think most of these coaches were used as brake force runners and so your eighth coach would probably be a Lab car or new vehicle on test (or both.)








All but 977595 were in the dark olive green colour 977595 was in the old BR blue / grey as per photos here.

If you search on this website for each of the numbers above it will give you the previous BR number and therefore give you the type. Bogies I have no idea but photos of all are on here.

Hope this helps.

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