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Chocolate & Cream saloon

Jon Horswell

Joined: 6 May 2011

Posted: 1 June 2022, 12:36:52

Anyone know the identity of the GWR observation saloon that has appeared inside the Locomotive Services shed at Southall? It may well be a former departmental.

Peter Hall

Joined: 3 May 2011

Posted: 2 June 2022, 06:37:15

I have a suspicion that this might be GWR Saloon 9004. The back load when 977873 was moved to Crewe a few months ago was a carriage. At about the same time a carriage was reported being seen on a lorry on the M40 with the number 9004 or similar being quoted although livery and direction were not stated.

With regard to the Locomotive Services part of the Southall site, my understanding is that in recent months the shed has been used for carriage storage, although I can't be sure which carriages it contains, with little other activity taking place on site. Yesterdays anouncement regarding the acquisition of the Steam Dreams and connected assets by Jeremy Hosking suggests that is about to change.

Jon Horswell

Joined: 6 May 2011

Posted: 2 June 2022, 12:35:40

Funnily enough I suspected 9004. It certainly looks near identical and is a former departmental - DE321011

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