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Tony Andrews

Joined: 20 November 2015

Posted: 23 February 2016, 00:51:43

Can i just ask a quick question - why are there a load of sightings at 'book' from Chris Tiltman ?


Technical department

Joined: 1 June 2002

Posted: 23 February 2016, 08:41:53

I guess he's added the sightings from a book without a firm location/date, so has just put "book".

This obviously upsets the sightings pages/lists etc, so I may try and devise a way of hiding these sightings.

Peter Anthony Cummings

Joined: 5 January 2012

Posted: 18 March 2016, 20:35:27

One other possibility - and I'm not suggesting this is happening here............

There are folk (not usually with OTP, afaik), who keep a sightings book for locos etc, that they have seen/got pics of from other sources.

As a sightings exercise, not just as a reference tool. (We all no doubt do the latter in some form or other).

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