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Bescot Open Day, 30 August 1992

Dave Warby

Joined: 18 October 2011

Posted: 5 December 2020, 13:51:06

I was wondering if anyone who attended the open day in August 1992 would be prepared to share with me their 'spotting' list of wagons, departmentals and track machines that were present. I only recorded a few vacuum braked wagons, mainly hoppers and brake vans. Looking at my photos I know that there was much more that I missed. I was accompanied by my Mum and I was becoming aware that she didn't share my enthusiasm for logging every wagon and reluctantly I had to miss quite a bit out. I am not going to 'cheat' and mark up stuff I didn't personally log, but I am curious about what else there was. :)

I have started a group on Flickr dedicated to that open day - https://flic.kr/go/3ftx6K - which I shall continue to add photos to. If you use that facility please feel free to add your own images.

If you can help please leave your details or drop me an email: warbster AT gmx DOT co DOT uk

Thanks for reading.

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