Current number:
Now owned by WCRC. Moved to Carnforth 12/14
Usual depot, or current location:
WCRC Carnforth
National network vehicles
999xxx series


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Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Gerry Desmond, Dennis Graham
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Andrew Martin
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Roger Harris
Wrexham General** *** ****Oli Kirrage
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Lee Stephen Botham
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  • 999506

    16 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    Now carries the name AMANDA.

  • 999506

    10 November 2007 - John Arnold

    Now up for sale but not inc. Nameplates as per website.

  • 999506

    15 January 2008 - simon

    Is this a standard BR 57' Observation Saloon like the one made by Britannia Pacific Models in 4mm scale?

  • 999506

    15 January 2008 - SD0853

    Exactamundo. Yes it is, they also do a modified version that is based upon Serco Railtest's "Track Inspection Coach" (TIC)

  • 999506

    16 January 2008 - simon

    Thanks - I've finally found something short to run with my Hornby fragronset 31452

  • 999506

    24 April 2008 - Jon Horswell

    Has this vehicle been purchased by West Coast Railways? It has been seen at Southall over the last ten days or so in the company of some of their class 47's. I heard through the grapevine that WCRC were interested in purchasing this vehicle when it was put up for sale (possibly as a swap for other vehicles) so I assume that it has now been brought by them.

  • 999506

    24 April 2008 - Ben Williams

    I believe it has yes.

  • 999506

    25 April 2008 - Dave Bramley

    WCRC dropped 999506 off at Crewe 24th April and was picked up by 20307+20310 and taken to DRS Gresty Bridge depot, so expect a new coat of blue paint soon !

  • 999506

    27 April 2008 - SD0853

    It was at Derby RTC today, no new paint.

  • 999506

    30 April 2008 - Dave Bramley

    Should going back Carnforth 01/05 hauled by 37423, paint job news was incorrect, apologies.

  • 999506

    21 April 2009 - Harold Nicolson

  • 999506

    23 May 2009 - Jon Horswell

    When viewed on 22/05/09 this vehicle is in the same condition as in the picture above. Although now no longer named 'Amanda' it interestingly still carries 'RAILTRACK' wording!

  • 999506

    25 July 2009 - Benn

    Does anyone own any pictures of this Saloon taken around 88-90, or have any details of what liveries this has carried between the 1982 up to present?

  • 999506

    8 September 2011 - Mike Cole

    Hi Benn,

    I'm trying to find out similar information for this and the other two vehicles in the same diagram - DB999508/9.

    So far on DB999506, I have found - May 82 was Blue/Grey with full yellow ends and June 92 was InterCity with full yellow ends and the earliest so far in Railtrack Maroon, is October 01.

    I hope that this helps.



  • 17 November 2012 - Ben Williams

    If someone has seen this recently can you please add updated sighting. Not seen since 2011

  • 30 August 2013 - Rich Mackin

    Sighted parked outside the NRM, York, on the afternoon of 24/08/2013, observed from a passing train coupled to Mk1 BSK 35317 on the short stretch of track between the museum and Transpennine Express depot. Appears to have been repainted recently. 999506 wasn't visible when I passed again on 28/08.