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BR coach 72503
Electrification Measurement Vehicle

National network vehicles
977xxx series
Test Trains - Network Rail


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Derby RTC** *** ****Tony Andrews
Bromsgrove (Bristol Kingsland Rd - Derby RTC)** *** ****Roger Harris
Bromsgrove (Derby RTC - Bristol Kingsland Rd)** *** ****Roger Harris
Lincoln2024-01-06Peter David Bester

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  • 977983

    2 July 2006 - Ben

    Looking a bit tatty after its long period of storage! (at York?)

  • 977983

    13 March 2007 - ian saunders

    is this a very faded railtrack blue or was it left over from a prior livery as the first class markings appear to be ?

  • 977983

    13 March 2007 - sam burke

    Its faded Railtrack blue!!!

  • 977983

    16 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    How does this vehicle detect hot boxes! Or am I missing something obvious!

  • 977983

    18 March 2007 - ian saunders

    is this vehicle fitted with some sort of equipment which tests trackside hotbox detection units ?

  • 977983

    15 November 2007 - Jon Horswell

    I believe this vehicle is now all over yellow. I think it was the departmental that I saw sandwiched between 37259 + 37609 at Reading today (15/11/07) but didnt think to get the number at the time. Can anyone confirm?? Please!!

  • 977983

    16 November 2007 - Simon Bendall

    It is now yellow but the vehicle you saw at Reading was 977869.

  • 977983

    7 March 2008 - Rob

    Currently running in loco hauled set

    6264 -spare

    999602 ultrasonic test coach

    977983 hot axle box detector test coach

    7/4/08 top and tailed by 37 609 37 218

  • 977983

    10 January 2009 - Dave Smith

    so how does the hot box thing work then? we didnt get an answer! ta. dave

  • 977983

    10 January 2009 - peter Cummings

    Presumably simulates the effects of an HAB, (or actually runs with one), and checks detector responses.

  • 977983

    11 January 2009 - kev

    can see no sensors on bogies or underframe, or axle box heads, be curious to know how the testing is carried out

  • 977983

    11 January 2009 - Ben Williams

    This is quite an old photo now so at this point it may have just been a support coach...

  • 977983

    11 January 2009 - SD0853

    It's a support coach/brake runner in a UTU train now (UTU4 I seem to remember). No test equipment is fitted, but one end is modified and has a small kitchenette fitted.

  • 977983

    18 June 2009 - network rail

    as of april 977983 was running in the hstrt

  • 977983

    19 June 2009 - Dave Blacksmith

    not according to recent reports it hasnt!

  • 977983

    19 June 2009 - network rail

    it is possible that it has been removed since but in april and may it had to pass through my worksite and the coach was definatly in the formation

  • 977983

    20 June 2009 - SD0853

    It's only a brake runner / make up vehicle, and therefore not part of any trainset as such. they just get used as and when required.

  • 977983

    16 December 2009 - Ben Williams

    Been told today that 977983 is to become the EMV, Electrification Measurement Vehicle. It will have a pan well at one end, but will be fitted with a contactless system and not a pan. It will also have 3rd rail measurement equipment. It is undergoing conversion at Derby at the moment. Thanks to my Derby contact for the news...

  • 977983

    10 July 2010 - Steve Hatcher

    Seen today passing Tonbridge and noticed the Pan Well to one end and lots of detection gear added to the bogies for reading the 3rd rail.

  • 977983

    12 July 2010 - Mick

    B*gger - there goes my model of 977983 to the bottom drawer. Has anyone any good pics of the roof well so I can update my model?



  • 977983

    16 July 2010 - Steve Hatcher

    Mick see for close up.

  • 977983

    17 July 2010 - SD0853

    Just wait until you see the nice shiney Class 73 that'll be dedicated to this train, as the loco carries some test equipment aswell, which makes it look slightly like a narrow gauge Class 76 (minus the pan) if you look at it from the front.

  • 4 February 2013 - Dave Warby

    Does anyone know what this vehicles original number was as built in the 1970's? Thanks in advance.

  • 4 February 2013 - Dan Adkins


  • 18 February 2021 - Connor Burns

    How many windows does this have on either side? I've seen photos that show 8 on one side and 7 on the other.

  • 977983

    18 February 2021 - Dan Adkins

    This photo appears to be Ipswich, rather than Stafford.

  • 18 February 2021 - Dan Adkins

    Excluding the door droplights, both sides have 7, but one side has 7 full size windows, the other has 7 full size windows and the former toilet window.