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BR EMU 65382
Moved to Finmere, Newton Purcell, Buckinghamshire 9/09. Moved to private site at Gravenhill, Bicester 2/20.

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977xxx series


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MOD Bicester** *** ****James Pickering
Finmere Station Yard, Newton Purcell** *** ****Andrew Humphries
Finmere Station Yard, Newton Purcell** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Finmere Station Yard, Newton Purcell** *** ****Tony Andrews
Finmere Station Yard, Newton Purcell** *** ****Trevor Clements
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  • 977924 & 977925

    10 October 2004 - Ben Williams

    Seen here on perhaps its final mainline run with 930204 on its way to Selhurst T&RSMD for their new roles as depot shunters and de-icers within the depot.

  • 977924 & 977925

    25 June 2009 - Rob Morel

    now en route by road to Finmere in Buckinghamshire (A421)

  • 977924 & 977925

    25 June 2009 - Ben Williams

    One unit has moved so far with the other one (and 083631) moving in a couple of weeks. The destination is apparently still a little unclear - I've been told by the haulier that the first unit has gone to a preservation place near Newton Purcell off the A4421 but someone else has said that nothing has appeared at the old Finmere station site! Any definitive news welcome!

  • 977924 & 977925

    26 November 2009 - Rob

    930204 and 930206 are now at Finmere Station Yard (which is actually in the village Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire. Both units can be seen from the A4421 - one unit is in a mix of Railtrack Green/Blue and Southern Green.