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BR coach 9453
Scrapped - Booths Rotherham 4/22


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Rotherham - Booths Scrapyard** *** ****Matthew Marsh
Rotherham - Booths scrapyard** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Rotherham - Booths scrapyard** *** ****David Denton
Rotherham - Booths scrapyard** *** ****Steve Boulton
Dalton Transport & Storage, North Yorkshire** *** ****Steve Boulton
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  • 977787

    3 September 2003 - Ben

    This is apparently due to re-enter service in some form after receiving some spare parts from 977912 and 977913. These recently visited DY from Carnforth (originally Stratford) but have now left for scrap.

  • 2 November 2021 - Ben Williams

    I'm told this along with three remaining mk2s will be stripped of any asbestos before departing for Booths shortly...

  • 9 March 2022 - Ben Williams

    Extracted onto a Reids low loader yesterday but destination not yet known...

  • 11 March 2022 - Steve Boulton

    Now at Booths, visible from A630

  • 22 April 2022 - Ben Williams

    I'm reliably informed this was scrapped last week.