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BR coach 15989
Removed from Heanors, Langley Mill 1/10 - fate unknown


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Heanor Haulage, Langley Mill** *** ****RAILS
Heanor Haulage, Langley Mill** *** ****IAN RAILS
Heanor Haulage, Langley Mill** *** ****IAN RAILS
Heanor Haulage, Langley Mill** *** ****Dave Denton
Heanor Haulage, Langley Mill** *** ****IAN RAILS
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  • 977056

    21 August 2006 - Phil Scott

    This coach will soon be heading for scrap, having been swapped (presumably with CF Booths) for TSO 5042, previously at Ferme Park. It is currently being stripped at Winchcombe and will depart in September 2006.

  • 977056

    22 August 2006 - Ben

    Thanks Phil that is interesting. However I believe 5042 never went to Booths - I think it is still stored at Heanors yard at Langley Mill.

  • 977056

    22 August 2006 - Phil Scott

    5042 is now on the Glos-Warks. See their website for more details.

  • 977056

    26 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    Now apparently loaded and finally off for scrap - destination unconfirmed at present...

  • 977056

    4 July 2008 - Craig

    Its now (03/07/08) at Heanors yard. Photographs here :

    (Ben, mail me if you want a copy for the site).

  • 977056

    15 September 2008 - Ben Williams

    This is still here at Heanor's yard - I think it is eventually heading for scrap but not sure where yet.

  • 977056

    16 September 2008 - Tony Stubbings

    Afternoon Ben,

    Thanks for the reply to my E Mail about 977056 being at C.F.Booths I have been in touch with the sources of my information & it appears that it was not accurate it was only "A GUESS".Due to it being on the move.

    So I must apologise for wasting every ones time on this matter.People do not realise that we strive to keep the records of our hobby accurate, where their only interest is under lining numbers & see only what they want to see.Please keep up your good work it is appreciated.



  • 977056

    27 December 2008 - Ben Williams

    Nothing on this since Sept - anyone know if it is still there or what happened to it please?

  • 977056

    28 December 2008 - Jon Horswell

    Interesting to see that the removal of the window blanking plates make this vehicle look like a Southern Region CEP coach!!

  • 977056

    4 January 2009 - Ben Williams

    Still at Langley Mill apparently - can anyone confirm please?

  • 977056

    28 October 2009 - Ben Williams

    Anyone know if this is still here? Last seen in March...

  • 977056

    1 November 2009 - Brian Stanway

    I visited Langley Mill 09/10, there was a coach there on a low loader i'm pretty sure that it was 977056 still in the same spot as the photo.

  • 977056

    3 February 2010 - Ben Williams

    Apparently this wasn't present recently yet the owner thinks it is still there! So we may have a problem! Any more recent sightings / info appreciated (post-Nov 2009.)