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Downpatrick Steam railway, County Down, Northern Ireland

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977xxx series


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Downpatrick & County Down Railway** *** ****Tony Andrews
Downpatrick & County Down Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham, Alex Betteney
Downpatrick & County Down Railway** *** ****Peter Wreford
Downpatrick & County Down Railway** *** ****Wilson Adams
Downpatrick & County Down Railway** *** ****Royston Morris
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  • 977020

    9 February 2004 - Tom Walker

    This was an experimental 'unit' the findings from which went into the construction of the pacer DMUs (class 140-144). It tested the idea of building trains out of bus parts. Curiously it is preserved in Ireland assuming that Most Irish railways use one of 2 different gauges to the UK (3ft and 5ft 3).

  • 977020

    16 February 2006 - keith falconer

    it was converted to 5'3'' gauge

  • 977020

    14 October 2007 - SD0853

    Note the "Secondary Windscreens" that were fitted as it was felt by various unions (ASLEF/NUR) that the "Bus" windscreens were not strong or safe enough for rail use, hence that internal framing and inner windscreens.

  • 977020

    29 May 2008 - jan astrego

    This bus has made a one day experiment between Gronau (Germany) and Enschede (Holland) to demonstrate that there should be a future for that 10 kilometer line between the two countries. It was coöperation between NS, Db and BR. More than a thousand people took the bus. There was a full report from German and Dutch Television. But it took still 20 years to reopen the line. And it is operating between Enschede and Münster(BRD) and Enschede and Dortmund(BRD) every hour. Between Enschede and Gronau there is every half an Hour an connexion. I have a video from that day, because I was one of the people who organises that day.

  • 977020

    4 May 2009 - Martin Barnsdall

    This was the second railbus after 975874 - and was built in 1981. It was larger than the original LEV. Eventually it was sold to Northern Ireland Railways, converted to 5' 3" gauge and ran for a time between Coleraine and Portrush.

  • 977020

    28 July 2011 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail

    I would be interested in any video or photos you have from that day Jan

  • 3 December 2018 - Jonathan Flood

    This Railbus was shipped to Northern Ireland on 5th August 1982.

    I am trying to find out when & where the re-gauging from Standard Gauge to 5ft 3in Gauge.

    I know it ran trials on the Bristol - Severn Beach line from October 1981 - April 1982 and then ran demonstrations between Barnsley & Sheffield.