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Heritage Shunters at Peak Rail Rowsley
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Peak Rail
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Peak Rail - Rowsley** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Peak Rail - Rowsley** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Peak Rail** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Peak Rail - Rowsley** *** ****Tony Andrews
Peak Rail - Rowsley2022-06-18Alex Betteney
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  • 97654

    16 August 2002 - Simon Jones

    I have photos of 97651 at Gloucester Horton Road (6.5.90) and 97652 at Laira Depot, Plymouth (17.7.88).

    97650 - preserved at Grimsby & Louth Railway (not seen)

    97651 - preserved at Northampton & Lamport Railway (seen Gloucester Horton Road, 9.10.88)

    97652 - cut up at Laira Depot 10/1990 (seen Laira, 17.7.88)

    97653 - preserved Yorkshire Engine Co., Long Marston (seen Newport East usk Yard, 13.5.88)

    97654 - preserved Slateford (seen Reading, 7.3.95)

  • 97654

    3 May 2006 - Brian Cuttell

    97654 arrived at Peak Rail early April 2005. It was used to give brake van rides at Rowsley during the diesel event on 24/4/05 and i wonder if this was the first time one of this class has been used to haul passengers. The only other possibility would be at a BR Open Day but i can't recall any such use from memory.

  • 97654

    10 September 2006 - dan adkins

    i think 97651 has been used to haul passengers, although it is currently broken, and we haven't got enough money to restore it at the present moment

  • 97654

    10 September 2006 - Kevin Stroud

    97651 was being used on passenger services at Northampton & Lamport in June 2000 - I got my haulage in (and a nice pic somewhere in an album)

  • 97654

    23 March 2007 - dan adkins

    we, as we get more money are gradually restoring it, repaint will be many, many years away however