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BR coach 34740
Moved to East Lancashire Railway 5/15
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East Lancashire Railway
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975xxx series
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East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Andrew Martin
ELR, Bury Baron Street shed** *** **** Greg Hartle
East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
Churnet Valley Railway, Oakamoor2013-05-05john r cook
Churnet Valley Railway, Oakamoor2011-09-17Royston Morris
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  • 975493

    13 November 2005 - S J Grego

    Ah, happy days, spent many a happy hour out with this van, when it was based at Tyseley TMD...loadsa overtime!

    If you look closely on the end of the van where the gangway was, there is a faint 84E shedcode (TYS), which I painted on when the breakdown train and crane was relocated to us in the mid 80's.

  • 975493

    9 October 2011 - Jon Horswell

    I know this is off subject but im interested in the DMU vehicle creeping into shot on the right.

    It looks like it has a Wolverhampton City crest applied to the bodyside. Was this a regular embellishment or a one-off for this unit? Any info is most welcome as I am trying to write a history of modern day depot logos and was not aware of this one. I know Tyseley liked to apply a bear but this is the first time I have seen this logo.

    Thanks in advance


  • 975493

    9 October 2011 - Robin Morel

    At that time Tyseley had 55032 (55032 in Midline livery) and 55034 on the books still in normal use unless it's one of the route learning single cars such as 55001 or 55017

  • 975493

    9 October 2011 - Robin Morel

    oops 55033 in midline colours that should read, other two blue/grey 032/034

  • 975493

    9 October 2011 - Simon Bendall

    Would suggest its the Corby coat of arms and either 55004 or 55011. Dates from when they were used on NSE sponsored Kettering-Corby shuttles.

  • 975493

    9 October 2011 - Andrew Cole

    Defintly 004 or 011 having transfered from BY

  • 975493

    21 October 2011 - Jon Horswell

    Thanks for all the replys. Probably classed more as an embellishment than a depot logo but interesting all the same.

  • 23 October 2018 - Greg Hartle

    This vehicle is currently in an all over faded maroon livery and unnumbered..

  • 5 March 2020 - Jon Horswell

    According to WNXX this vehicle is up for sale. They have it listed as 977493 but it is this vehicle.

  • 23 October 2023 - gb50040

    Can anyone advise the current location of this coach? I had a visit to the East Lancashire a few weeks ago and was round Buckley Wells and Baron Street but no sign of it.

  • 23 October 2023 - gb50040

    Birmingham Railcar Workgroup website shows that they sold it in 2020 but no mention of who too or whether it has left the East Lancs

  • 29 October 2023 - Ben Williams

    It's been suggested it may be in the line of stock near the playing fields.

    After a tour earlier in the year, my contact says:

    "There’s a row of stock by the school playing field that the guide says is essentially sacrificial, they leave them there to be vandalised so other stuff is left alone. Weren’t allowed to walk the siding as he said it was impassable but may be in there? The view on google suggests there’s at least two Mk.1s in the row."

  • 5 November 2023 - gb50040

    Hi Ben, thanks. We were also prevented from walking up that line of stock but I managed to get into the field. The Hedge is much more established nowadays and so it is not easy trying to get id's however between my sightings and previous records I have identified 9 coaches/DMUs that are in the row. Confident that 975493 is not in that line unfortunately.

  • 6 November 2023 - Roger Harris

    I have just looked at a listing of coaches on the ELR that was updated to August 2019, and 975493 / 34740 does not appear on the list, so, perhaps it was quietly scrapped between 10/18 and 8/19 ? Perhaps someone from the ELR could provide an answer.

  • 6 November 2023 - Ben Williams

    Thanks all. We are on the case!